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If you are a new client and would like to book a hydrotherapy session, we'll need you to register with us first, so we can get consent from your vet to treat your dog. 




Once this is done we will book you in for a one hour initial consultation, where we will go through any conditions and injuries, do some gait analysis and come up with a bespoke treatment plan. For dogs with complex conditions and needs, a phone call before the session will be included with your therapist as part of this consultation. Most of the time your dog will swim at their first session, but this is up to the discretion of your therapist, and based on each individual dog. 

When your dog arrives they will be rinsed off in our grooming bath before they get in the pool, then after their session they have an option to either be rinsed or shampooed. One question we regularly get asked is "can i get in the pool with my dog?" Sadly not! Due to health and safety regulations and NARCH guidelines, we cannot accommodate this. When the session is over, we ask you to exit from the back of the building. This is for the safety and wellbeing of our doggy clients, so they do not have to interact with each other when leaving and arriving. 

Any questions? Please feel free to get in touch!! We'd love to chat.

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We also offer a special service to all the amazing guardians of fearful dogs. We know from first hand experience that walking a nervous or anxious dog can bring challenges such as crowded parks, off lead dogs and traffic noise.

Using only force free methods with positive reinforcement, we offer a safe and stress free environment, where your dog can spend time getting to know their therapist, experience an alternative form of exercise in the pool, and improve their general well being and mental health. All of this will be done at their pace, under their terms.

Whatever your pup's background or previous experiences, we passionately believe that every dog deserves the best life we can offer them, and will strive to help you achieve this.


As each dog is an individual, and behavioural issues manifest in different ways for different dogs, please get in touch with us to discuss your individual needs. The welfare of your dog is our priority, and we will do our best to accommodate them. 


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Please don't let your dog eat for at least 3 hours before their session.


If they have vomited or have diarrhoea 24-48 hours previous to their appointments please call to reschedule.


For dogs with epilepsy they need to have been seizure free for 3 weeks. 

We rinse your dogs off after their session, with an option to shampoo them. If your dog needs a medicated shampoo, please bring this with you. We use For All Dogkind and have the everyday and sensitive skin options. 

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