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We've developed an approach to canine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy that's fun, relaxed and entirely bespoke. Because we know it works. 

Having treated hundreds of dogs, our expert therapists have first-hand evidence that canine rehabilitation is most effective when your dog is at ease. So we've created a relaxed environment that guarantees a fun, personal connection - whilst offering you the highest standard of care.


​Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy comes in many forms. Different methods work best depending on the breed of your dog, its injury, character or condition. So we partner with you to develop a rehabilitation package that's perfectly tailored to your pet.


We focus one dog at a time, meaning that whatever treatments we apply, you are guaranteed an experience that's painless and bespoke, guided by a deep therapeutic bond.



We offer a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool, equipped with counter-current swim jets and easy-access ramps. At 5 x 3.5 metres, it's one of the larger canine hydrotherapy pools in the UK, because the more space your dog has, the more it moves. And the more it moves, the better it feels.  

Surrounding the pool and throughout the building, we have installed a specialised Altro Aquarius floor, so you don't have to worry about any unnecessary slipping, sliding and straining for our furry friends with mobility issues.


Additionally, our high-spec hydrotherapy pool offers step-free access, ground floor entry, and free parking directly outside the door.   


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Gina Agnew



Inspired by her rescue dog Rosie who suffers from osteoarthritis, Gina resolved to set up a hydrotherapy centre in East London. This was after driving miles and miles, each week, to access the hydrotherapy care Rosie desperately needed for her physical and emotional well being. Gina believes all dogs deserve to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and massage, and having seen the results herself, can't wait to offer these services to the dogs of London who may have previously been unable to access such important care. 


Jay Ozdemir

L3 SA Hydro  


Bio coming soon


Eleanor Buist

IMSc Vet Phys RAMP L3 SA Hydro Cert

Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapist

After discovering a passion for Veterinary Physiotherapy, Eleanor undertook a Masters degree to allow her to pursue this as a career. She loved being able to help and support owners and animals through the rehabilitative process after/instead of surgery to help maximise welfare, function and healing. Previously Eleanor worked in a small animal rehabilitation centre where she treated a whole range of animals and conditions- from paralysed dogs following an RTA, fractures, to cruciate ligament ruptures and hip/elbow dysplasia. This led to her seeing how well hydrotherapy and physiotherapy complement each other and inspired her to undertake level 3 and 4 hydrotherapy training. She has her own dog Ollie who loves doing his remedial exercises to help keep his back supple and hindlimbs strong. 


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